About Connelly Plumbing Solutions


Steve Connelly began plumbing in 1995 in the apprenticeship program at the Job Corps in Washington D.C.. After completion of the program he returned to the Kansas City area and began working in new construction, plumbing houses. After approximately five years he made the move to service and repair and has thrived in that arena ever since. The new construction start laid a great foundation because Steve can actually plumb a house from start to finish. In the year 2000 he obtained his Master Plumber’s license and then in 2001 became a certified Backflow Inspector.

In 2012, together with help of his wife, Emily, Steve sought out to share his expertise on his own with the formation of Connelly Plumbing Solutions, LLC. He has a passion to help customers understand what is going on with their plumbing system and to give them the pros and cons of every option so that they can make the most educated decision. It seems as if there is a school of thought to either “repair only” or “replace only”. Steve doesn’t see things that way; every situation is unique. You cannot have a cookie cutter approach to a plumbing system. Steve and Emily are happily married with three children (one girl and two boys) that do a great job of keeping them busy!


Brian began in the plumbing field around 2003 after a background in auto parts. He started in service work and then moved to new construction to gain a better understanding of the plumbing trade. He also worked with the school district as a plumber before his return to service plumbing. Brian has been married since 2001 and has a couple of kids. He and his family love time at the lake enjoying good food and boating!


John Paul is the son of a small town plumber.  In the late sixties, he started helping his father by thawing out pipes in crawl spaces with an extension cord, hair dryer and a flashlight.  After leaving home after high school, he pursued college and a music career.  Starting a family in 1997, he decided to better his financial situation by going back to what he knew...plumbing.  In 1999 he started work at the well known specialist plumbing supply house Plumber's Friend.  After five years there he decided to begin working in the field.  John Paul retired from plumbing in 2018 to return to music, however the pandemic was rough on the music business and after Steve asked him to work with his company, John Paul agreed, liking the smaller intimate company.  Plumber by day, performer by night.  


Arthur started plumbing in 2016.  He enjoys plumbing because he enjoys problem solving and working with his hands.  He enjoys spending time with his family and taking his son on adventures.


In the spring of 2014 we were very pleased to make the addition of Jenny to our staff. Jenny brings a tremendous amount of administrative experience and helps us run like a smooth, oiled machine.She handles our phones and a large amount of the “details” of our business. She is a great point of contact if you have any questions about Connelly Plumbing Solutions. Additionally, she is Emily’s sister! We are very thankful for her. Jenny and her husband live in the KC area with their daughter and 3 furry babies.

We are passionate about living life to its fullest and being there to help people along the way.
We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.